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A 3-year-old daughter of a policewoman who had a relationship with her supervisor died in a police car from heat_高鹰生殖中心

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年历A 3-year-old daughter of a policewoman who had a relationship with her supervisor died in a police car from heat


    Original Title: A policewoman has a relationship with her supervisor. Her 3-year-old daughter died of heat in a police car.

    Cassie Barker, a former Mississippi Bay Coast Guard officer, told a judge Monday that she had sex with her supervisor and then fell asleep when her 3-year-old daughter was dying in an overheated patrol car. On Monday, after being charged with second-degree murder, Buck pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a plea agreement.

    According to WLOX, a CBS affiliate, prosecutors recommend that 29-year-old Ba overcome his 20-year sentence. Larry Bourgeois, a Harrison County circuit judge, said he wanted more time to consider the case and would sentence the former Long Beach officer on April 1.

    CNS video screenshot of Kathy Buck pleading guilty

    Cheyenne Hyer died on September 30, 2016, when her mother tied her to a car seat for four hours while Buck was with her then supervisor. The car is air-conditioned, but it doesn't blow cold air.

    When Buck returned, the child had no response. Authorities say that when Haier arrived at a nearby hospital, her temperature was 107 degrees Fahrenheit (about 41 degrees Celsius).

    Buck had been released on bail but was arrested on Monday after pleading guilty.

Buck had been released on bail but was arrested on Monday after pleading guilty.

    Buck, who had two jobs at the time, initially claimed to have fallen asleep in the early morning of a hot working day when she was talking to him at Clark Ladner's house. Within a few days, Ledner and Buck were fired from Long Beach. Ledner was not charged with criminal charges. He told officials that he did not know the girl was in the car. Reports at the time showed that Ledner told officials that he had taken sleeping pills and fell asleep.

    Reported that as early as April 2015, the mother left her daughter alone in the car at least once. At that time, child welfare officers gave the girl temporary custody. Buck was suspended for a week at the Long Beach Police Station without pay. The girl's father, Ryan Hyer, said he had never been notified of the first incident.

    The father is suing the Long Beach Police and Mississippi Child Protection Services for stronger action by child welfare agencies after the first incident.

    "As a parent, you should protect your child, and Cheyenne has left because her mother did not protect her, not once, but twice," Haier said.

    Buck himself was hospitalized after the girl died, shocked by what officials described. A psychological test showed that Buck suffered from PTSD due to childhood trauma and the death of his daughter. She was considered competent to stand trial. Return to Sohu to see more responsible editors:



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